Tired of Coping With the Symptoms?

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Tired of Coping With the Symptoms?

For over 30 years I have been helping people just like you rediscover their Energy and vitality by ENABLING & EMPOWERING your body to do what it was designed to do!

Mobile Health Clinic


Due to Bill 36 in BC, Canada, Dr Holly retired from practicing in BC and moved to Mexico.

International Consulting


Dr Holly consults with allopathic physicians and individuals to help identify underlying issues and put together treatment options. For an appointment, email Dr Holly.

International Public Speaking

Dr Holly provides programs, workshops and key note speaking on a wide number of topics in health both Nationally and Internationally. Email Dr Holly to make a request.

Email Dr Holly and she will respond:  holly@choicesunlimited.ca

“Dr. Holly has written extensively on health and nutrition. Choose from over 40 titles to help you on your path to healthier living!”

Dr. Holly Fourchalk

Health: involves psychological, physiological & energetic functions.

True health requires all fields to work effectively, interactively and in balance. With a PhD. In psychotherapies, Dr Holly worked as a Clinical Therapist for over 20 years (not registered with BC College of Psychologists). Now she primarily works as a Dr of Natural Medicine.

With degrees and designations in all the different healing disciplines, she is able to address your issues from a physiological perspective (Dr of Natural Medicine; PhD in Nutrition; MA Herbal Medicine; Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Homeopathy, and much more.); as well as from a psychological perspective and from an energetic perspective…truly dealing with the whole person.

As a scientist, author (40+ books), international speaker and practitioner – she can bring it all to you. She consults and teaches internationally.

EMAIL TODAY for an appointment: holly@choicesunlimited.ca

“I’m pleased to refer people to Dr Holly weekly – with ‘more degrees than a thermometer, I feel confident in sending anyone with health issues going on straight to Dr Holly for help – especially those immersed in ‘western medicine band aid’ approaches only – if I had something serious going on, she’d be my first phone call – can’t recommend her highly enough.”

~ Susan, Langley, BC

“Dr. Holly’s knowledge of nutrition and health totally dwarfs my 30 years of study and practicing these subjects. She is a warehouse of accurate information and blows the mainstream dis-information out of the water. Her diagnosis is accurate to the point of being scary. I always learn something new from Doc Holly whenever we talk.”

~ Doug Setter, BSc. author of Reduce Your Alcohol Craving and Bully Busting 101

“I’ve had more help from Dr. Holly for myself and my family than any other health care practitioner I’ve been to. Her knowledge and understanding of healing the human body, physically, emotionally, and mentally far surpasses any other Dr. I’ve been to in over 50yrs. She truly cares about her patients well-being and treats the whole person.”

~ Sue, Surrey, BC

“My first meeting with Dr. Holly – which took about 1.5 hours for a full assessment and a game plan to reverse my MS… Reverse??? I didn’t know that was possible…. I now have a second chance at life thanks to Dr Holly. Words cannot explain how grateful and lucky I am to have met her, she has changed my life and I will be forever grateful to her.”

~ Morgan, Victoria, BC

EMAIL TODAY for an appointment: holly@choicesunlimited.ca